Netlight NL-5 product image

Network Enabled

10Mb/s ethernet, IPv4, m-DNS and LLMNR

  • IPv4 with DHCP and static configuration options.
  • Muticast DNS and Link Local Multicast Name Resolution support makes finding the NetLight on your network easy.
  • Software upgrades possible over the network.

AES Secured

128-bit AES security using pre-shared key

Status update messages to the NetLight are optionally encrypted with a pre-shared 128-bit key, using AES encryption. This ensures that only authorised devices may send state change messages to the device, allowing use on open networks, or in hostile network environments.

Indicator LEDs

5 individually addressable, full RGB indicators

Monitor up to 5 independent systems, or combine colours to monitor more! Each indicator unit on the NetLight has an 8-bit resolution for each of the red, green and blue channels.
Use green for go and red for stop, or adopt your own colour scheme. Show an analog variable using a heat-map colour, and more!

Notification Tones

Built-in piezo buzzer with pre-defined tones

Each status change message sent to the NetLight can trigger one of several pre-defined tones that can be used to draw attention to the status change:

  • Tri-tone rising chime.
  • Tri-tone falling chime.
  • Short beep
  • Long beep
  • Fast rising sweep.
  • Slow rising sweep.
  • Slow rising and falling sweep.
  • Jingle Bells

Each tone can be coupled with a repeat parameter that specifies the number of times to repeat the tone.

Timeout Updates

Server and process monitoring by exception

The status change message includes an optional timeout section that allows you to set the colours and notification tone for an indicator unit after a specified timeout. Sending the same status change message before the timeout period restarts the timeout on that indicator unit. If the sender fails to check-in with it's message before the timeout period expires, the timeout update is applied and the failure of the sender is detected.

NetLight NL-5 with and without power supply available now

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